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Lee's Kids

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching affects”  – Dalai Lama

Lee's Kids

Addiction destroys more people than just the addict. The ripple effect of  the actions of the addict stems to the parent’s, children, spouses and siblings. It is a burden of physical, emotional and financial pain in all those that love the addict. The stress it can cause within a family has lasting effects on all those involved. We are facing an entire generation of children that will have lost at least one parent to a drug overdose. Not only is the parent of the addict mourning the loss of their child, but now they are comforting their grand child over the loss of their mother or father all while trying to figure out how to financially and emotionally raise these children. 

The spider web effect of hopelessness can also spread to the siblings of addicts.

So much time, strength and energy goes into keeping the addict alive that the silent cries of the sibling goes unanswered.  Holidays that were once filled with joy and laughter can suddenly be overshadowed by family members trying to control the addict’s unpredictable behavior. 

Our Purpose

Lees Kid’s purpose is to spread a bit of sunshine to the innocent children affected by substance abuse.

Giving Back

Provide Christmas and Birthday presents for children of addicts that are being raised by designated caregivers.  

Peer To Peer Support

Develop a network of emotional peer to peer support to foster a sense of community and awareness among these innocent victims of the addiction crisis. 

Addressing Trauma

Ensure the trauma endured by the child is addressed by mental health professionals.  

The destruction of loved ones left in the wake of addiction stems out even further than the immediate family.

Our schools focus on drug awareness campaigns of “Just say No,” but what about the child that says no and is suffering from feelings of abandonment from the actions of the addict. Our First Responders have to deal with an increase in overdose calls, but what about the trauma they encounter when a child is on the scene of an overdose?  The caseworker that has to remove the child from the home? The exposure to the indirect addict’s behavior can cause impairment in the teachers and responders to function efficiently within their own homes. 

Their daily job duties cannot always be left at the office. They are then expected to come home to their families after witnessing an overdose of a parent or a child in class that is neglected. This stress can take a toll on their own mental health…. in turn affecting their relationships with their children.

The ripple effect is never ending. Addiction destroys more people than just the addict. 


The Symbolism Of The Cactus

The cactus’s hard protective exterior reflects its ability  to survive in new environments and situations. The cactus is adaptable and strong.

The strength of the cactus comes from the inside, with its unique ability to store water,. It reminds us that we are stronger than we realize and even in the most difficult circumstances we can look deep inside to have the endurance to get through any situation and flourish.

Donate to the Lee's Kids Foundation

Donate to the Lee's Kids Foundation

All donations go directly to the children affected by the actions of others.


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Contact us for help

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